Welcome to Kura Naturals!  

Founded by Naturally Dina Jay...

While hair care has been my profession since 2007, hair has been my passion for as long as I can remember.


When working with my clients, we focus on achieving healthy hair first and foremost. Using natural products is a key part of my services. Hair Chemicals have no place in your healthy hair journey at Naturally Dina Jay! Yet you can still enjoy colors and beautiful styles while working towards your healthy hair goals.

Another key part of my services is I can empathize with my clients at all stages of their hair journey.  From multiple big chops to locs, undercuts to crochet braids, my 13 year natural hair journey has gone through many styles, lengths and colors.  I really love color!


Everyone's hair journey can have its high and low moments, but I am here to work with my clients to not just see, but feel the beauty in the process to healthy natural hair.


In addition healthy hair, maintaining a healthy body is important as well.  


A little bit about my own body transformation...

As many will probably relate, one day a simple shopping trip turned into a full-blown "fat attack" moment of self-realization.  I tried on a dress I thought was my size only to feel like a sausage.  Has anyone else been there?


That was my "ah-ha moment". I had to make a change.  The same way many research hairstyles, I researched different body types and determined what my exact body goal was.  With training, education, and overall dedication I was able to make changes to my lifestyle in order to achieve my body goal.


Fast forward three years later, I didn't just  drop a few pounds to fit that dress or get a "summer body".  I changed my life.  Now I am a bikini competitor, going for my Pro status, helping others achieve their own body goals.  


My clients train for long term goals, not just seasonal bodies.  Let me help you get your lifetime body!